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Pillow Talk

Mohamed Fazrin August 8, 2020 1

“After campaign Pillow Talk in Creative Campaigns ”

“Learn, understand and prepare better for the next big thing ” 

Had a great night? A great show of passion? Well then here comes the hangover period! A time that could be used for some relaxing pillow talk, or to slip away through the halls in an awkward walk of shame!

The above gist is synonymous with the aftermath of any creative campaign. No matter how well planned, a campaign would have its own road blocks, potholes, and grey areas that need to be looked into. Maybe immediate attention is not required to solve these loopholes, but rather a quick temporary fix for the time being which may or may not be a sustainable solution , and a more strategic look into it afterwards to understand and plan better for future campaigns.Hence the post campaign discussion, or the pillow talk that we are referring to, is imperative for any forward thinking campaigner.

In any campaign pillow talk session, at CreativeJacks, there are three main areas that would be discussed. These would serve as the meeting points. These meeting points are structured, to be on point and agile. Following are the areas that are discussed.

  1. The KPI evaluation: The predetermined success KPIs which were decided at the beginning of the campaign would be evaluated one by one, against the rate of achievement, reason for exceeded expectations or below expectations, and overall satisfaction rate

  2. Capacity of resource: A quick look at the resource allocations, and highlight if the resources were over allocated or under allocated. This would help start planning resources better for the next campaign

  3. Content Exploit: How the content was exploited throughout the campaign, and what was the winner’s content? What content was a negative impact? Why are they classified as winners or negative impacts? These are some burning questions which would be discussed. Creativity of the content and alignment of the vision vs the total outcome would be carefully dissected, to identify areas to focus more, areas to avoid and brainstorm better for next campaigns

Sometimes the session may be quick stand-ups, or even elongated sessions which would be broken to two. The campaign lead, should lead the scrum and decide the agenda based on the campaign and the above discussed three question structure. Usually a quick recap is the best, to conclude a campaign and move on to the next.However sometimes, the fine points are too critical and significant, that it needs to be carefully dissected, discussed, and wrapped up carefully before moving on to the next. Or else it will lead to two major negative consequences.

  1. Carry forward any negative impact that was not identified. This would lead to creativity which is not focused, strategic and would result in negative ROI.

  2. Total waste of time in creating content. As creating content ( depending on how big the project is) , requires resources to be allocated. Utilizing time of resources in hand against the task in hand is crucial for the going concern of the agency, as well as achieving campaign goals.

Thus it’s of utmost importance that the post campaign meetings are prioritized and made mandatory in closing the campaign. It’s the much needed pillow talk your campaign needs.The aftermath is just too good to overlook!! 😎

Don’t Miss the Bus

Mohamed Fazrin July 16, 2020 4

“Nurturing content ”

“Aligning content with creativity and corporate strategy is like nurturing a little child” 

Well, the thing about creative content is that it needs special attention, time, and care. Much like a child, a brand has its own quirks, likings, and characteristics, managing one too many at a time will only result in an average outcome or less than the average outcome. And nobody wants their kid to be “just another child”.

Focusing on nurturing the brand image by guiding its appearance and behavior while at the audience, is vital. The smart move is considering gradual yet progressive measures that will be efficient in the long run rather than “going aggressive”.

Visualizing a brand’s destination on a timeline with interim milestones will definitely create a clear understanding of the content direction. The brand’s origin, it’s purpose, mission, vision, long term goals, intermediate milestones, target audience are all areas that need to be addressed and well calculated.

All brands have their unique USP regardless of market competition, identifying this feature and bringing it out, to the brands best interests is truly based on strategy.

When you meet a kid for the first time it’s inevitable you put them in a box. I’d like to meet you again, I don’t want to listen to anything he/she has to say, let me just smile and pretend I understand, or OMG this kid is intimidating and wonder what he/she would say next?

Planning out how you will appear, how often you will appear, where, and why are all important questions that a solid strategically planned content will answer. This requires time, buckets of thought, and empathy. Extensive research on your brand and the competitors will shed light on the generic dos and don’ts. To create real impact and disruption you really need to think differently, that will compliment your brand.

There are many purposes for content it can be for awareness, engagement, or promotion. Whatever it may be the tone or vibe we take to demonstrate it will play a major role in the angle in which the brand will be recognized.

Every brand needs a guide, a strategy to achieve its purpose. To know which platform to appear in, alone can be the million-dollar question.

CreativeJacks carefully picks up a clientele and ensures we provide them with undivided attention. Yes, this means our seats are numbered until we expand. We look to have long term relationships hoping to be with your brand till it grows to be a Successful and impressionable Adult. So don’t miss the bus!

If you are looking for an adventurous, and fun-packed creative detour! Don’t miss out!

Get on board on our winged bus, and see your brand fly high above!

Inbox now to book your seats! Do not miss the bus

Big Bait for the Big Fish

Mohamed Fazrin July 16, 2020 1

“ By Hook only, no crooks! ”

No Sheppard used a hook, and no fisherman used a crook

A little bit to Ponder!

What would it be if the first shepherd ever used a hook to guide his sheep? What if the first ever fisherman used a crook instead of a hook? Oh yes! Let’s let our imaginary go wild!

A common point to agree would be, that the shepherd would have failed miserably to guide his flock of sheep’s, while the fisherman will never catch fish. Marketing in the modern era is also similar. We use the right tools, our product wins, if not it does not just lose, but rather be forgotten amongst an abyss of competitor products and alternatives.A little prelude to the topic!

In the current era where technology is too advanced, we have to acknowledge the fact that knowledge to handle technology takes precedence over all. It does not matter even if someone possesses the best technology, if the knowledge to orchestrate the technology is lacking. This applies to digital technology based marketing as well.

Digital marketing has taken an extra step forward to dominate the preferred promotion platform mix. Technological advancement is rapid in digital marketing. However, it is imperative to invest more on the right knowledge to ensure the technologies are used effectively and exploit the best match to align with organizational strategies. In defining digital marketing strategies, one of the most important aspects is to understand the audience.

Gone are the days that marketing was aggressive with showing our products or services down the throat of the customers. The evolution of marketing is advance, that focusing on the audience who would want our product, is the best way to maintain a high level of ROI and optimized revenue flows. For a certain degree we may now think that it means marketing a hook for the fisherman, or a crook to the shepherd. Though we cannot disagree with this statement, we should dissect it a little bit further to make our hook, or crook to stand out above the rest. Hence when we dissect we need to realize how big is our fish or herd, so we use the right size hook or crook!

Dive straight into the topic!

Now that the hook and crook theory is understood, let us now take the hook, and analyze how we use bait, and how we attract the right fish! The hook for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, google etc., needs to be used to the right audience (the fish in here). In order to make this successful we need to use the right bait. The bait is what this whole topic is all about! The bait to capture the right audience is none other than content! Content that is well designed to capture the audience’s attention is the most important process in content creation. Knowing the audience size and impact on the product revenue stream is therefore imperative to ensure the best fit content is created. So it’s safe to say Small bait for small fish! Big bait for big fish!

Process of Identifying the bait size

A custom made process known as APPLE is used by CreativeJacks, in the process of content creation. Before every content is finalized it is put through a rigorous constructive critic cycle or CCC to ensure the audience’s sweet spot is touched. Let us dissect the APPLICABLE process for further elucidation.

  • A- Audience: An audience audit is performed to understand the best audience with regards to the organizational revenue streams. Who is the most optimized? Who do our competitors target?

  • P- Picture: Conceptualize a visual picture and put into mood boards, to come up with initial loose cannon style brainstorming.

  • P-Placement: Mock placements to the conceptualized idea in the previous step, with regards to mock text, mock images, is key to envision target market attention grabbing. It is also important to adhere to compliance standards from digital platforms like Facebook etc., decide color schemes etc.

  • L-Leverage: Leverage brainstorm is an important aspect of the content creation process, where the audience interests, pain points, content direction, and languages are discussed. The community vocabulary and slangs are put in balance to create attention grabbing, short and sweet content. The previously done audience audit will be heavily used here

  • E-Execute: Once the pictures are sketched in a mock up, and the leverage brainstorming process is complete, the content is ready for production execution.

At Creative Jacks we are specialized in preparing the big bait for the big fish. After all it does not make sense to use earthworms as baits to attract blue whales! The right content needs to be used to make a post or any artwork attractive to the desired audience. Get in touch with us now, and we shall guide you with the best optimized content for your desired audience!